Thinker. Leader.

I’ve had the good fortune in my career to be exposed to a variety of environments and sizes – from SaaS orgs to creative agencies, from small startup to Fortune 50 – and I’ve loved getting to build design teams, establish research practices, and evolve agile team processes & habits that consistently deliver great work.

From a Design Process standpoint, I’m happy to geek out about:

🔭 Right-sizing Discovery Work and Deliverables
🦻 How I think about research and my favorite methods
♼ Design Systems and what makes one great
🔒 Lessons learned from previous projects

From a Design Leadership standpoint, I’ve got reps in:

🚸 Org Design
💻 Embracing Remote-First Work
🚪 Hiring and Onboarding New Designers
💬 Establishing Continuous Feedback loops

Real Life Stuff

I’m a lot more than just a designer. As both a husband to a career-oriented lady and father of 2 boys, finding the balance between professional life and home life is important… and when you’re not distracted with home, you can be the best version of yourself professionally.

So hobbies – I’ve got several! Designing at a computer many hours a day, especially as I’ve been working full-time remote since 2020, I’ve gotten more into distance running and coaching / playing soccer with my kids as a way to stay active.

As a 6th generation Tennesseean, I started collecting county seats to connect more with my roots, and driving down all the (mostly) country roads in an old German auto has been quite the adventure, usually accompanied by family.

Otherwise, you might find me playing music or watching soccer with friends.